22 mai 2006

Les guêpes

Les guêpes. On ne sait jamais d'où elles arrivent, mais dès qu'il y a un peu de soleil et un barbecue en route elles vous tournent autour de la tête!!

Wasps. One never knows from where they arrive, but as soon as there is a little sun and and a barbecue on the way they turn around your head!!


Blogger Toulouse Photo Day said...

Very interesting..

22 mai, 2006 11:59  
Blogger Kris said...

wow! like this shot!

22 mai, 2006 13:55  
Blogger soosha_q said...

Not too fond of the subjct, but the photo is nice!

22 mai, 2006 15:26  
Blogger menggarang said...

Haha, nice shot! )

22 mai, 2006 19:21  
Anonymous Anne said...

Nice catch Arnaud! Hey are you turning into a nature photographer? :)

23 mai, 2006 03:38  
Blogger Sarah said...

Cool! Bees!

Thien (my fellow San Antonio blogger) recently had a bee picture too.

23 mai, 2006 04:21  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

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