10 mars 2006

Boire un petit coup ...

Rien de mieux qu'un petit coup de rouge avec un bon fromage! Tout un symbole Posted by Picasa


Blogger Lisi said...

Wow, is this some kind of advertising or did I miss something in your commentary? The "model" looks a little scary to me :-)

10 mars, 2006 13:11  
Blogger Michael said...

Gee Arnaud...too much to drink I see! You need some warmer weather so you don't have to drink to keep warm.

10 mars, 2006 13:36  
Blogger Nicola said...

Funny!! Is that a puppet or is there a real person behind it?? Cheers!

10 mars, 2006 13:39  
Blogger Amande said...

Excellent? La photo a été prise où?

10 mars, 2006 16:51  
Blogger Rodney said...

Great Photo!

10 mars, 2006 17:33  
Blogger Arnaud said...

It's a puppet, but i don't remind me where i found it!

You're true Michael, i really need some warmer weather! LOL

11 mars, 2006 17:13  
Anonymous Michael said...

Wine and cheese is always good

12 mars, 2006 03:59  

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