27 avril 2006

Intérieur de l'église de Fixey

Voici l'intérieur de l'église d'hier, elle est petite mais non sans charme. (une autre photo)

Here is the interior of the church of yesterday. Small but charming. (another shot)


Blogger Kris said...

agree! just perfect with the lights this way :)

27 avril, 2006 09:16  
Blogger Nicola said...

Very pretty - you got the perfect light for this shot!

Also congratulations for being the winner in my little photo quiz!! :) Please email me your address so I can send you the postcard!

27 avril, 2006 10:46  
Blogger Lisi said...

yes it is very charming, Arnaud...and second Nicola that you've got the tone so nice...

27 avril, 2006 11:15  
Blogger Amande said...

Ca me confirme ce que j'ai écrit dans le dernier commentaire : très simple. Je n'aime pas toutes les fioritures et décorations en or... Bref celle-ci est vraiment pleine de charme.

27 avril, 2006 12:00  
Blogger luggi said...

The girl with the funny hair said it well ... charm, simplicity. I would love to visit this church. I must make a pilgrimage!

27 avril, 2006 18:33  
Blogger Mark said...

Simple, this is the way I like churches to be. Lovely photo.

27 avril, 2006 22:27  
Blogger Rodney said...

Great Light!! Nice picture.

28 avril, 2006 03:26  
Blogger kostas said...

Very nice interior!

28 avril, 2006 13:09  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

28 mai, 2006 13:59  

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