25 avril 2006

Rue de la chouette

Un autre point de vue sur la rue de la Chouette et la Maison Millière.

Another angle of the street of the owl and of the Maison Millière.


Blogger Kris said...

very charming place :)

25 avril, 2006 08:59  
Blogger Lorethian said...

Very neat place, thanks.

25 avril, 2006 21:20  
Blogger MoonSoleil said...

Salut Arnaud,

your pictures are always a highlight!
The colours are fantastic...

This place looks so nice and typically French, I really like it.

Amitiés from across the border,

25 avril, 2006 23:49  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

28 mai, 2006 14:08  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

28 mai, 2006 14:17  

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